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About Us

Mercovus provides professional opinions of value that will withstand scrutiny from tax authorities, auditors, and triers of fact. The appraisers at Mercovus have performed thousands of valuations. Our opinions are informed by our experience, professional training, and rigorous data analysis. We have valued large international technology companies, venture-backed start-ups with complex capital structures, “main street” businesses, and intellectual property portfolios. We bring the same level of professionalism and customer service to every engagement, whether we are working for tax authorities, corporations, or wealthy individuals. 

Mercovus provides valuations in the context of transaction advisory services, tax reporting, financial reporting, and litigation. Our clients receive the highest levels of expertise and service. Mercovus is based in Silicon Valley and serves clients around the world


In every circumstance requiring a valuation, too much is at stake to get it wrong. If you are selling a business, or trying to avoid draconian tax penalties, or attempting to satisfy rigorous accounting standards, or convince a trier of fact, you must have an opinion that is well-grounded, compliant with applicable standards, and conclusive. Our professional staff is comprised of highly experienced Accredited Senior Appraisers (ASAs) with the American Society of Appraisers and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs). We rigorously apply our expertise to get the job done right.




We don’t just work for our clients; we work with them. We position ourselves as a strategic partner that is always on call to fulfill our clients’ valuation needs. Our clients enjoy complete support, from project planning through review by third parties. We understand our clients are busy and we endeavor to minimize the time they spend on valuation issues. If there’s a valuation issue, we’ll handle it.




There’s an old Russian proverb that states: “Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.” In providing finance and accounting services, it is tempting to take on multiple types of engagements. All too many CPAs or fixed asset appraisers claim they are capable of valuing a business or intangible asset. We’ve encountered unqualified individuals' work, and the consequences were quite embarrassing for them and their clients. We try not to make the same mistake. In our team's 30+ years in the Bay Area, we’ve generated a professional network that spans multiple industries, generations, and personalities. We refer to appraisers more than to any other profession. If we can't help you, we'll connect you with the right team. 


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