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Providing Value Opinions

Providing Value

Transaction Advisory Services

Acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and ownership changes can be fraught with challenges. Mercovus’s valuation opinions can help boards and committees make informed decisions and mitigate risk. Before transactions even take place, we can help with a buy-sell valuation. When transactions result in corporate litigation, our expert witness and valuation services can provide critical support. Click below to learn more.

Corporate Tax

Equity transfers, crypto transactions, and corporate reorganizations can generate tax reporting requirements. The staff at Mercovus have been engaged by taxpayers and tax authorities to ensure compliance. In co-operation with your tax and accounting team, Mercovus can help your business achieve optimal tax outcomes. Click below to learn more about the various types of work products that you might benefit from.

Financial Reporting

Compliance with financial reporting standards often requires obtaining independent appraisals. Mercovus authors independent valuation reports for purchase price allocations, goodwill impairment, embedded derivatives, and portfolio valuations, among other use cases. Auditors refer to us because our work consistently withstands their rigorous scrutiny. Click below to learn how Mercovus can support your financial reporting.

Individual Tax

Charitable donations, and estate planning can result in substantial tax savings, but may require independent appraisals. Our team of experts has extensive experience in appraising closely-held business interests and assets held within trusts, family limited partnerships, family limited liability companies. We work closely with your attorneys to help lower your tax bill. Click below to learn how Mercovus can help you navigate the intricacies of the tax code with confidence.


Mercovus provides professional opinions of value that will withstand scrutiny from tax authorities, auditors, and triers of fact. The appraisers at Mercovus have performed thousands of valuations. Our opinions are informed by our experience, professional training, and rigorous data analysis. We have valued large international technology companies, venture-backed start-ups with complex capital structures, “main street” businesses, and intellectual property portfolios. We bring the same level of professionalism and customer service to every engagement, whether we are working for tax authorities, corporations, or wealthy individuals. 

Mercovus provides valuations in the context of transaction advisory services, tax reporting, financial reporting, and litigation. Our clients receive the highest levels of expertise and service. Mercovus is based in Silicon Valley and serves clients around the world.


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