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Assessing Value

Providing Value


Mercovus provides professional opinions of value by credentialed appraisers.  Our valuations are tailored to the unique and demanding purposes for which they are used:  Our staff is versed in FASB accounting standards and AICPA guidance; IRS regulations; case law; and venture investor models.  Whatever your valuation need, Mercovus can help.  Click below to learn more.



Even  for many early-stage businesses, international operations require international taxation and transfer pricing policies.  The staff at Mercovus have been engaged by taxpayers and tax authorities (IRS, Canada Revenue Agency, Australian Taxation Office) to ensure compliance with international tax law and the OECD's arm's length standard.  Click below to learn more.  



Our expertise in valuation, finance, accounting, and economics translates to several other fields including:  Section 382 studies, Litigation Support, Fairness Opinions, and Financial Modeling.  And we're always available to answer questions you might have (no, we don't charge by the hour).  For an in-depth description of a particular service offering, please click one of the buttons below.


Mercovus provides professional opinions of value that will withstand scrutiny from tax authorities, auditors, and triers of fact.  The appraisers at Mercovus have performed hundreds of valuations.  Our opinions are informed by our experience, professional training, and rigorous data analysis.  We have valued large international technology companies, venture-backed start-ups with complex capital structures, “main street” businesses, and intellectual property portfolios.  We bring the same level of professionalism and customer service to every engagement, whether we are working for tax authorities, corporations, or wealthy individuals. 

Mercovus provides valuations in the context of transfer pricing, business combinations, tax reporting (e.g. 409a valuations or gift and estate valuations), financial reporting, and litigation.  We offer an unparalleled combination of expertise and service.  Mercovus is based in Silicon Valley and serves clients around the world.  Contact us for a free and confidential consultation at


51 East Campbell Avenue

Campbell, CA 95008

Tel: (408) 599-1377

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